About Us

We have come a long way in our journey to the motoring world. it all began 35 years ago. we have seen cars develop in many ways and advance with more technology, in return so have we. Heres a little about how it began to becoming the best in the car dealer space. it was a dream for us to be here and it will always remain the centre of our focus to always be here and always do the things we love passionately.

Prestige Motor House is a family run business it was founded by our head of family who has over 35

years experience in the motoring world. Being his joy, passion and love for cars we decided to create a

household brand that concentrates in sourcing and selling the best of the second used car market. We

are proud in in what we sell and take great care in providing the very best of cars to the market. Our image reflects our

brand and our brand reflects our reputation. Our customers can rely on us.

Our Aim

With the market being so competitive it is important that we are consistently providing the very best of

second used cars at a premium quality. To Be the best in what we do.